Western V.S. Japanese Goths

You may be thinking – surely all goths are the same – black clothes, black hair, black make-up. However, you are wrong! Western goths are your stereotypical goths who wear ‘bad-ass’ dark coloured t-shirts that have some sort of ‘meaning’ to it, dark pants, dark, teased hair, pleather (fake leather) and other dark coloured things. In comparison, there are the Japanese goths who pretty much put more effort into their outfit and focus on detail (Gothic Lolita fashion).

Image 45

The goths of Japan are more into the romance of the fashion and add things such as intricate lace designs, cute dresses and skirts and accessories, but still in Gothic style. They have very exquisite and elegant outfits which show time and effort.

As I mentioned before, the Western goth fashion consists of dark and morbid everyday clothes with some fake leather. This version of Gothic fashion is very basic and more grotesque as opposed to the Gothic Lolita fashion in Japan, which is far cuter.

Image 46

To be honest, I think I’d stick with the boring Western Gothic style as I have no time, effort or money for the Japanese style! But in saying that, I think the Japanese version is far more appealing to the eye.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the two styles? Yay or nay? Please like, comment and share and stick around for next week’s blog, focusing on Japan’s major shopping districts. Thanks everyone for reading!!


One thought on “Western V.S. Japanese Goths

  1. Wow! This is great, Abby! It’s interesting to see how the two styles contrast. Really looking forward to the shopping districts post.

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